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The PhanGirl's Dictionary

Created by HALEY; with a few additions from others!

~Phangirl's Index/Dictionary of Terms~

Angel: a shortened refrence to the Angel of Music. Capitol 'a' must be used.

Phangirl: A girl who is completely obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. They demonstrate this by writing Phanphics, seeing many and varied versions of the story, singing songs from the movie/musical, and convert others to their cause. Strict criteria must be met to receive this title.

..."Erik," or, " pull an Erik..." (coined by Haley): Used when doing/preparing to do something you know Erik would do. This may also be applied to any character in the book/musical/movie, when used in the proper context.
Example: I'm going to pull an Erik and stay home.
*in this case, to 'pull an Erik' means confining yourself in solitude.

Seducted: (coined by Amanda): meaning 'seduced' or 'to be seduced' Listen to Music of the Night and you'll understand what we mean.

'..(to) Punjab...': to wish someone harm.

Daroga: the term used to refer to the Persian in Gaston Leroux's novel. However, to a Phangirl, this term might also be used when referring to someone in authority.
Example: My English daroga
*in this case, daroga is referring to a teacher

MC: Shorthand for Michael Crawford, the first Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical--offically, anyway.

GB: shorthand for Gerard/Gerry Butler, the Phantom in the 2004 movie.

"Erik's Angels" (coined by Haley): spinoff of 'Charlie's Angels'. It is a term of refrence to those of the female persuasion who are obsessed with Erik.

"Raoul's Angels" (coined by Haley): see "Erik's Angels." It is a term of refrence to those of the female persuasion who are obsessed with Raoul. The two groups tend to fight.

"Raoul-Basher..": see also "Erik's Angels." A term for those who dislike/hate Raoul with a passion that rivals their love of Erik.

(Phantom) Purist: Term of refrence to those who see the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and the Gaston Leroux novel as the best and only refrences to draw from when debating with other Phangirls.

POTO: shorthand for Phantom of the Opera
TOM: shorthand for Think of Me.
AIAOY: shorthand for All I Ask of You
MOTN: shorthand for Music of the Night
LTBL: shorthand for Learn to be Lonely, the exit music for the 2004 movie.
NOWL: shorthand for No One Would Listen, a deleted/added song/sequence from the 2004 movie.

Phanfiction: POTO fanfiction. singular form: Phanfic

'E/C'er(s): a term of refrence used for those who believe Erik and Christine really should have been together. See also "Erik's Angels." and "Raoul-Basher"

'R/C'er(s): a term of refrence used for those who like the musical/novel/movie the way it is. See also, 'Raoul's Angels."

ALW: shorthand for Andrew Lloyd Webber, creator of the smash musical.

Canon: term referring to the novel Le Fantome d'la Opera by Gaston Leroux.

Rat(s): refrence to the ballet girls in the Opera, Meg Giry included. Again, capitial 'r' must be used.

Fop: used exclusively by Erik's Angels--used as a degrading refrence to Raoul.
PONR: Point of No Return
Phanatic: Someone who's obsessed with POTO in all its' forms!



Would you like to add a term? Then email me! (Email on contact page) I will not post names with definitons. I also will not post all the ones on the  because that's just too time consuming! Therefore, only email submissions will be added. Thanks!

~~I own nothing POTO-Related!~~