The Phantom of the Opera--My Obsession
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My Thoughts On POTO Characters

These are my opinions about the "Phantom" characters!

Erik, Erik, Erik... What can be said about this mad genius? He was scorned for his deformity all his life, and finally find someone who pitied him instead, but then she left! Still, the saying "It's better to have loved and lost than to never love at all..." MAY apply here. Oh, and I'm sorry, but Gerard Butler was NOT the true Phantom! You must read the book to find the true Erik.

All in all, I rather like Christine Daae. Her name means "Christ-like;" AKA innocence. Although she may not be THAT innocent (see the way she manipulates Erik and Raoul...), she still does have that 'born-yesterday' quality about her...

Well, what can I really say about Raoul de Chagny? I suppose I don't not like him, but I don't really like him either. He's just a little *too* naive for my taste. I think he did love Christine, but he couldn't possibly love her as much as Erik did... And I thought his plan (conviently drawn up orally INSIDE THE OPERA HOUSE--HELLO! ASKING ERIK TO LISTEN IN!!!) was pretty dumb.

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