The Phantom of the Opera--My Obsession
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About Your Webmistress

All about little old moi!


Yes I know I look a leetle funny in this picture, but I was changing! The youth had just done a skit and we were getting ready to go back in the sanctuary!

About Me...
Name: Amanda Block
Age: 18 (Birthday on April 16)
Fave Movie/Play/Book/Musical: (K/o a stupid question, but I'll answer anyway) "The Phantom of the Opera"
Fave Celebrity: Sarah Michelle Gellar, closely followed by Emmy Rossum
Fave Version of POTO: Gaston's book
Fave POTO Website: The POTO posting board (see links)
Fave Phanarts: PhantomPhreak435 (see links)
Fave Phantom: Gaston's!!!
Fave Mask: Gaston's!!!
Phan Since: Christmas 2004
Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me!

~This is just a fan site, and is not associated in any way with ALW or Really Useful companies. It's just my way of saying thanks to them!~