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May 12, 2005--Added new quiz results and this update page! *throws confetti* And please join my Phanfiction competition here:
Thanks for visiting; come back soon!
Loving You in HIM,
May 13, 2005--Added new page ("Phantom of the Opera Film Reviews") and posted review by Claudia!
In Christ,
May 16, 2005--TOMORROW IS MY SISTER'S 14TH B-DAY! Sorry, ya'll want the updates don't ya? Added some new quiz results, trying to think of something else to add to this site... Got a suggestion? Then email me!
May 17, 2005--MY SISTER'S 14TH B-DAY IS TODAY! ~lol~ Added one or two new quiz results; added lyrics pages but then deleted them. I'm FAR too lazy to do that, especially not right now...
Update#2: Added a new link (possible affiliate)!
May 19, 2005--I just realized I update this site too much! ~lol~ I HAVE AN AFFILIATE! YAY! *throws party* If you'd like to affiliate with me, then email me a link to your site and I will let you know ASAP!
May 21, 2005--Added a new page (My Phantom Adoptions); added Ayesha! *grins* She's sooo cute, is she not? ~lol~
UPDATE2: My friend made me a banner; how awesome is that???!!! YAY! Please link to me!!!
May 23, 2005--I GRADUATED YESTERDAY! O YEA! Anyways, all I did was created a new 'Top 3 Links' section on the links page. The link to Susan Kay's "Phantom" will STAY there so that people can find it easily. God Bless, and PLEASE link to me!
June 2, 2005--Added new link, possible affiliate hopefully! Sorry it's been so long since I updated; just having a really hard time creatively. Well until next time!
June 13, 2005--Added a definition ("phan") to the Phangirl's Dictionary and created a new page for Wicked links. Please let me know what you think! ^_^ **DOIT4JESUS**

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