The Phantom of the Opera--My Obsession
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My Awards/Quiz Results!

Here is where I'll post any awards I win and the results of quizzes I take!

This is where my awards will go... *sad look* I don't have any yet; please nominate me for some&I'll give you an Erik clone!

Here are my quiz results!!!

You are the Christine from Susan Kay's 1991 novel
-- If you think about it, just about every
other version of Christine, though lonely and
depressed, is an independant and capable
woman...So where did everyone get the idea that
Christine was a pathetic child ? FROM YOU!
Congrats. Even Erik knew it when he said you'd
never be able to survive without a man to play
the father-figure. You took the whole
"Wandering child, so lost, so
helpless" thing to the EXTREME!

Which Phantom of the Opera Christine are YOU?
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Susan Kay Erik
You're Susan Kay Erik

Which Erik (Phantom Of the Opera) Are You?
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You are the Persian. You know what you're doing and
are able to stay calm in a sticky situation.
Just be careful not to get in over your head! "Take care!...Take care! Your hand at the
level of your eyes, in Heaven's name, at the
level of your eyes!"

What Phantom Of The Opera Character Are You?
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to kill you and you like to burst into song in
public. You can hardly count the number of
times you've seen the musical and strive to
read every book and see every movie! You talk
to Erik in your spare time. You are obsessed my
phriend, but hey, who said that was a bad

Is Your Obsession to Phantom Of The Opera Unhealthy?
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You utterly despise Raoul!! He is a vile creature
who makes your blood boil. You'd sooner kill
him than look at him and it's all his fault
that Erik is unhappy without Christine!! Your
fondest wish is to be the one to punjab him!'re violent!

How Much Do You Hate (or love) Raoul? (A Phantom Of The Opera Quiz)
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Here is a reward for a job well
Wow You really know the Phantom Of The Opera. Good
Job! You really are a true Phantom Phan! Answers: 1)Erick 2)Gaston Leroux 3)1910 4)French 5)If I
Loved You 6)Black 7)16 8)Charles Garnier 9)A
Horseshoe 10)Joseph Buquet 11)Gounod 12)Rotunda
13)hanging in the third floors celler behind a
scene from the Roi de Lahore. 14)7 15)Sarah
Brightman 16)well whatever you chose was
correct. Personally my favorite is The Point Of
No Return. Thanks again for taking my quiz! Dont forget to
rate and check out my new Phantom of the Opera
story, Legacy Of The Opera Ghost.

The Phantom Of The Opera Test
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Here is a reward for a job well
2)Marguerite 3)The Trap Door Lover 4)A Noose
5)6 6)20,000 7)a sailor 8)Don Juan Triumphant
9)A monkey and cymbols 10)If she ever got
married, she would never hear the angel of
music again. 11)box 5 12)Elizabeth Southerd
13)THE PHANTOM! well at least thats my
favorite! Be sure to check out my new Phantom
Of The Opera Story! Legacy Of The Opera Ghost.

The Phantom Of The Opera Test (part 2)
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You're Tracy Turnblatt from Hairspray! Different,
daring, and out to change the world. You're so
persuasive, that soon enough you can have
everyone sharing your different way of

Which Broadway Leading Lady Are You?
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You are moderately girly.
You are moderately girly. You have some girlish
habits, but are sensible about it. You keep
yourself clean and looking reasonably nice,
notice boys but don't obsess, and are trendy
but go with your own opinions. Overall, you are
well-rounded and pretty cool. You rock!

A quiz for girls: How girly are you?
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Breakfast Club
You are The Breakfast Club. Five totally different
stereotypes get stuck in Saturday detention and
complain about how much the hate their parents.
There's also lot's of 80's music played.

Teen Movie Quiz
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