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POTO Links & Web Rings

Yippe! I now have an affiliate!

This site is mainly in Italian, but it's fairly simple to find your way around!

!!!TOP 3 Links!!!
Here are three links that I believe are the very best at the time!  :) Only one (link to "Phantom" on-line) will STAY up here; the others will be circulated every so often.

"Phantom" Susan Kay--Read for free on-line!

This is a really awesome POTO forum that has been on-line since 1995! My username is Always_Erik_Fan; let my know what you think!


Another awesome POTO forum! When you register, be sure to choose Always_Erik_Fan as your referrer so I can get credit! Thanks!

The Phantom's Opera

My Webrings!






Links to other POTO-related sites! (And even some non-related sites) Webrings I belong to are at the top of the page!

This is shameless self-promotion for myself! :) Please visit!

Match Made In Hell: A Christine/Erik FanSite

This site has phantomphreak435's wonderful pictures that she's made! (The pic is a link AND one of her creations, as are a lot of pictures on here!) Visit her today!



"The Phantom of the Opera" Video--Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley **Must have WM to play**

Christine Daae On The Web

Phantom of the Opera Beyond the Lake: The Underground Labyrinth

~This is just a fan site, and is not associated in any way with ALW or Really Useful companies. It's just my way of saying thanks to them!~